Dear authors please attention!

You are requested to follow the provided guidelines for the quick filtering of your papers.

1) Similarity index should not be more than 9% on Turnitin software check.

2) Paper should follow APA formatting style.

3) Following is the standard word count for IJLSS:

Full-Length Papers 8 – 10 pages; 11,200 – 14,000 words

Technical Notes 2 – 3 pages; 2800 – 4200 word

Survey Papers 14 – 16 pages; 19,600 – 22,400 words

Calculating Manuscript Word Counts - MS Word: Take the software-generated word count for the text; add in word counts for the equivalent space taken up by tables and figures, roughly calculating the equivalent space as follows:

Standard, single-column figure or table is equivalent to 200 words

Standard, two-column figure or table is equivalent to 450 words

Large, two-column table is equivalent to 700 words

4) Paper submitted other then the following e mail id will not be permissible for review process. please submit via e mail: .