Admission Committee

1. Prof.Dr. Liaquat Ali Zardari
Dean FST

4. Mr.Zaman Rathore
Assistant Registrar


Application shall be invited on prescribed pro forma by the In charge admission through advertisement in the prominent regional and national News papers as well the web side of the University.


1. Admissions are to be made by the admission committee of the University according to the approved regulations of the University.

2. The candidate who applies for the admission on the basis of fake certificates (detected before or after admission) shall be prosecuted under criminal law and their admission shall be cancelled. They may also debarred for admission to the period of three years for future admission in the University.

3. The candidate shall not be considered for admission.

a) Who were admitted previously in any discipline, department and program offered by the University.

b) If candidate has been rusticated/debarred or their admission is cancelled on any reason.

c) If they have been convicted involving moral turpitude.