Directorate of ADMISSIONS


The Directorate of Admissions & Mailing is the gateway for aspirants of their educational goings-on in the maximum suitable and effective manner. The Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University provides quality education at the doorstep of Shaheed Benazir Abad division and its surroundings. The digitalization of the admission process has not only resulted in the transparency and effectiveness of the whole process but also has provided an important learning opportunity to the major stakeholders thus playing its pivotal role in achieving prime objectives.

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Mr. Muhammad Tufail Memon

Deputy Registrar (Academics)


Mr. Muhammad Tufail Memon

Deputy Registrar (Academics)


Mr. Muhammad Zaman Rathore

Assistant Registrar (Academics)


Mr. Taha Ahmed



Mr. Atta Muhammad Zardari



Undergraduate degree programs
1) BBA 2) BS Information Technology 3) BS Education 4) BS Media Studies
5) BS Economics 6) BS Chemistry 7) BS English 8) BS Statistics
9) BS Molecular Biology & Genetics 10) BS Sindhi 11) BS Art and Design 12) BS Microbiology
13) BS Computer Science

Graduate degree programs
1) MS/M.Phil Chemistry 2) M.Phil Education 3) MBA 4) MS in Business Administration
5) MS/M.Phil Genetics

Admission Process

1) Admissions are to be made by the University according to the approved regulations of the University on merit.

2) The candidate who applies for the admission on the basis of fake certificates (detected before or after admission) shall be prosecuted under criminal law and their admission shall be cancelled. They shall also be debarred for admission to the period of three years for future admission in the University.

3) Following candidates shall not be considered for admission.

i) If candidate is already enrolled in this university/college in any regular program & wants to get fresh admission, he/she shall provide affidavit for the cancellation of current enrollement.

ii) Who is already admitted in any discipline/program offered by this university.

iii) If candidate has been rusticated/debarred or his/her admission is cancelled on any reason.

iv) If they have been convicted, involving moral turpitude or other allegations.

v) If candidate is not on merit and choice is not mentioned by candidate in online admission form.


Application shall be invited on prescribed proforma by the in-charge admission department through advertisement in the prominent regional and national Newspapers as well the website of the University.

Pre-Admission Test

Eligible candidates of all the disciplines shall appear in the computer based pre-admission test to qualify for the admission.

Admission Procedure & Regulations

1) Candidates must possess domicile of Sindh province and PRC (Form-C) of their relevant district for admission. The candidates from other provinces applying for admission have to submit Nomination /NOC from Education & Literacy Department/Universities and Boards department Government of Sindh.

2) A maximum gap of three years is allowed between year of appearing in HSC-II examination for the first time and year of admission, ten (10) marks will be deducted from Intermediate for each gap year.

3) All the admissions shall be provisional until completion of all formalities and verification of record/degrees.

4) No change of department shall be allowed once the admission is taken/over.

5) University has very limited transport facilities. The University authorities may arrange outsource limited transport facility for the students but there is no binding to provide the transport.

6) No Student shall be re-admitted without the prior permission of the Competent Authority, incase his/her admission is cancelled due to any reason.

7) Candidates who passed their HSC from other than Sindh province, Balouchistan, Khyber Pakhtoon khwa, Punjab / Gilgit Baltistan etc. have to get Eligibility Certificate from this university for admission.

8) Admission policies may be changed time to time, depending upon the HEC guidelines and academic council decisions.


1) BBA, BS English, BS Media & Communication Studies, B.Ed(Hons), BS Chemistry, BS Statistics, BS Economics, BS Sindhi and BS Arts & Design.

i) H.Sc or equivalent.

ii) Minimum marks 45% or above.

2) BS Genetics & Molecular Biology, BS Microbiology.

i) H.Sc or equivalent in Pre-Medical.

ii) Minimum marks 45% or above.

3) BS Information Technology

i) H.Sc Pre-Medical (need two maths subjects as pre-req) or H.Sc Pre-Engineering

ii) Minimum marks 45% or above.

4) BS Chemistry

i) H.Sc Pre-Medical or Pre-Engineering.

ii) Minimum marks 45% or above.


1) MBA (2 years Program) 60 Credit Hours

i) Candidates having 16 years education from non-business background or professional degree like B.E, MBBS, BDS, B.Tech /Equivalent from any HEC recognised university with minimum 50% & above marks or 2.5 CGPA.

2) MBA (1.5 Years) 36 Credit Hours

i) Candidates having 16 Years relevant business education like BBA or equivalent with 50% marks or 2.5 CGPA from any HEC recognised university.

3) M.Phil Education

i) 16 years relevant in Education (Edu discipline), with minimum 1) 2.5 CGPA or 60% & above, 2) 60% marks in University Entry Test or 50% marks in GAT General Score

3) M.Phil Chemistry

i) 16 years in Chemistry, with minimum 1) 2.5 CGPA or 60% & above, 2) 60% marks in University Entry Test or 50% marks in GAT General Score