Dean Faculty of Sciences and Technology

Prof. Dr.Liaquat Ali Zardari

Dean Faculty of Science and Technology


Dr. Nadir Ali Rind

In charge Chairman


Chairman's Message

The Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics was established in 2018, in the 12th meeting of Syndicate subsequently approved by the Academic Council at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Shaheed Benazirabad, MBG offers the bachelor degrees programme of B.S 4 year in Genetics. All the degrees are recognized by HEC, accepted nationally and internationally. The aim of the department is to produce a highly trained human resource vital to the market demands in the field,l biology and the microbial genetics and recombinant DNA technology and to develop close ties with industry and the biomedical scientific community, and strives to rank within the most prestigious institutions worldwide. it has a very strong graduate program offering degree programs. The department has all basic facilities of teaching such as class rooms, research, , library and experimental field. We design our program to help students understand that genetics, botany and zoology is a way of thinking about how matter is constructed, organized, and functions and offers the specialization in the field of Plant and Microbial, Developmental Genetics, Human Genetics, Genomics and Systems Biology and Evolutionary Genetics.

Our Vision

Our vision is to conduct innovative research, teaching and outreach on the patterns in the field of genetics.

To produce erudite scientists in the field of Genetics, who render their services with a sense of dedication, motivation and hard work for strengthening the quality culture of life sciences in the country.

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Molecular biology and genetics is to provide basic and applied genetic, education and trained in the field of , Genetics/biology.

To Focus on Modern Trends of Globalization in Improvement in the must Teaching, Learning and Research for the technical and intellectual skills necessary to facilitate creative problem solving.

Dr. Nadir Ali Rind

In charge Chairman (Assistant professor)

Ph.D(Genetics) from University of Sindh, Jamshoro


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Dr. Wazir Ali Metlo

Assistant Professor

Ph.D(Botany) SALU Khairpur

Research Publications: 15

Dr. Khalid Hussain Rind

Assistant Professor

Ph.D(Zoology) France

HEC Approved PhD Supervisor

Dr. Akhter Shar

Assistant Professor

Ph.D(Bioinformtics) China


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Dr. Shah Nawaz Phulpoto

Assistant Professor

Ph.D(Physics) from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China

Research Publications: 12

Research interest: Graphene, Carbon nanotube, Energy storage devices

(Lithium ion batteries, Sulphur ion batteries, Super Capacitors etc)

HEC Approved PhD Supervisor


Four Year Programme after Intermediate (Pre-Medical group)


Intermediate with pre-medical group or Equivalent with not less than 45% marks.


Four years program spread over 8 Semesters with two Semesters per Year.

Degree Requirement:

Minimum of 137 Credits are required to complete Bachelor of Science in Genetics.

1st Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 English-I 3(3+0)
2 Cell Biology 3(2+1)
3 Mathematics 3
4 Introduction to Computing 2(1+1)
5 Botany-I 3(2+1)
6 Zoology-I 3(2+1)
Total 17
2nd Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 English-II 3
2 Principles of Genetics 4(3+1)
3 Basic Statistics 3
4 Civilization 2
5 Botany-II 3(2+1)
6 Zoology-II 3(2+1)
Total 18
3rd Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 English (Communication Skills) 3
2 Cytogenetics 3(2+1)
3 Chemistry of Nucleic Acid 3(2+1)
4 Pakistan Studies 2
5 Environmental Sciences 3(2+1)
6 Principles of Biochemistry 3(2+1)
Total 17
4th Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 English-III 3
2 Molecular Biology 3(2+1)
3 Fundamental Biotechnology 3(2+1)
4 Islamic Studies/Ethics 2
5 Biostatistics 3(2+1)
6 Computer applications in Genetics 3(2+1)
Total 17

5th Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 Genetics and Evolution 4
2 Molecular Genetics 4(3+1)
3 Microbial Genetics 4(3+1)
4 Population Genetics 3(2+1)
5 Principles of Breeding 3(2+1)
Total 18
6th Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 Physiological Genetics 3
2 Genetic Engineering 3
3 Human Genetics 3
4 Forensic Sciences 4(3+1)
5 Bioinformatics 3
Total 16

7th Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 Genetic Diseases/Disorders 3
2 Developmental Genetics 3
3 Advanced Biotechnology 4(3+1)
4 Research Techniques and Biosafety 3(2+1)
5 Omics 3(2+1)
6 Research Methodology and Bioethics 3
Total 19
8th Semester
SNo. Subject Credit Hours Marks
1 Immunogenetics 3(2+1)
2 Genetic Resources and Conservation 3(2+1)
3 Special Paper 3(2+1)
4 Research 3
5 Seminar 1
6 Comprehensive Viva Voce 2
Total 15