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IT Centre at SBBU SBA was established in 2012 to meet the IT needs of the university and provide state of the art IT services to ensure smooth functioning of the university.

Information Technology Centre is the backbone of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Shaheed Benazirabad. A solution is a particular type of mixture e.g. software, hardware, network & other latest technologies.

Our focused, sound and innovative approach is derived from the cumulative experience of the members of our team.

Information Technology Centre ensures that everything works smoothly on the technology side, but our gift is to see things beyond technology and to focus on the ultimate objective to achieve.

Our goal is to exceed our department's expectations in the form of value, quality and complete satisfaction.


Our vision is to become a leader and trendsetter of IT Services for other universities to follow.


IT Centre is the backbone of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Shaheed Benazirabad, our mission is to provide quality IT services to the university in a cost effective and timely manner.

IT Centre at SBBU is divided into two Functional Domains.

1) Networking Section
2) Software Section

For further contact

Mr. Zulfiqar Gul Shaikh

Network & System Engineer(Incharge System Admin)


SBBU-SBA Networks

The Networking section was established in 2014 with the objective to provide seamless networking, internet, IT support (Hardware / Software) and voice services (Local Telephone Exchange PABX) to all academic and administrative departments and buildings of SBBU.

All SBBU academic and administrative departments and buildings including Boys and Girls Hostel, Bachelor Hostel, Sports Complex are connected with backbone Optical Fiber.It also connects SBBU Intranet to the outside world through a bandwidth of 200Mbps on fiber link.

Below are the major centers and Services under the responsibility networking section

1) Data Center

SBBU Data Center is equipped with the latest state of the art Dell Servers, Nexus Server, Cisco Routers & Switches, Sangfor Internet Management System, NVR System for Surveillance Management and Storage Devices which are catering to the needs of the university

2) Video Conference Hall

- SBBU has a separate and state of the art Video Conference Hall through which interactive Video Conference Sessions can be carried out

- Around 35-40 persons can be accommodated in the Video Conference Hall.

3) Wireless Internet Connectivity Services

- SBBU is equipped with the latest Hotspot Access Points throughout the Campus providing Wireless Internet connectivity on the go.60 Access Points (Indoor and Outdoor) are present throughout the campus to provide WiFi connectivity. Control and monitoring of these Access Points is through the Data Centre.

4) Security Surveillance System

- SBBU is equipped with the latest Security Surveillance System with Security Cameras throughout the campus ( 70 indoor and outdoor cameras) providing a safe and secure environment.

- Centralized Monitoring room is available from which all Cameras are accessible allowing forsmooth monitoring and surveillance.

5) Local Telephone Exchange PABX Services

- SBBU Local Telephone Exchange PABX provides Voice Services to all Departments and Buildings throughout the campus. Interconnectivity to local PSTN is also provided.

6) Centralized Power System

- SBBU IT Centre has a dedicated Centralized Power Room consisting of electrical equipment, to provide uninterrupted power supply to all of the university IT Equipment e.g. cameras, access points, switches. IT Centre also provides dedicated UPS Backup facility for Computer Systems where required.Underground Power Cable is present throughput the campus which provides Centralized Power to different departments from the Data Centre.


Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Shaheed Benazirabad (SBBU-SBA) LMS is web based campus solution with the following six modules currently:

1) Attendance Management System (AMS).

2) Affiliated Colleges System(ACS)

3) Evolution Management.

4) Online Testing Service. (OTS)

5) Online Admission System. (OAS)

6) E-Learning.

7) SBBU App Galaxy.

1) Attendance Management System (AMS)

SBBU-SBA developed attendance Management System in 2015 where student attendance criteria is minimum 75% to enroll in the examination. AMS contains different roles e.g Chairman, Teacher, Student and admin.

  • Chairman manage time table, add new faculty members ,add subjects, add new batches students and generate reports and a gate slips.
  • Teacher add & view attendance lecture wise
  • Student can view attendance subject wise and overall & apply for examination if eligible.
  • Admin has all the privileges for user management

2) Affiliated Colleges System(ACS)

SBBU-SBA developed Affiliated Colleges System(ACS) in 2015 for 40+ affiliated colleges. In Affiliated Colleges System(ACS) multiple roles are given e.g college focal person(user), director colleges, controller of examination and admin.

  • College focal person apply online admission form and also apply online for enrolment
  • College focal person applies online examination.
  • College focal person generates all type of reports.
  • Director colleges assign enrollment number and generate enrollment cards.
  • Controller of examination scrutiny/verify examination form and assign a roll number
  • Controller of examination generates a gate slip for examination.
  • Controller of examination generate all type of reports assessment sheets.
  • Admin has all the privileges for user management

3) Evolution Management

SBBU-SBA developed Online Evolution System in 2015 mostly used for quality enhancement cell (QEC) evolution etc and generate all types of evolution reports and successfully implemented each semester.

4) Online Testing Service (OTS).

OTS used to take computerized exam for HR & students as per requirement.

  • Controller creates a test and assign test to candidate discipline wise.
  • Candidate perform test and see result when finished.
  • Generate all kinds of report.

5. Online Admission System (OAS).

SBBUSBA has used OAS for 2019 admissions.

  • Student fills online admission form.
  • Online scrutiny of student documents.
  • Generate slips and all types of reports

6) E-Learning.

SBBU-SBA starts Electronics Learning (E-Learning). E-Learning is a learning system based on the formalized teaching but with the help of electronic resources for example internet learning, online learning, YouTube learning etc. Everyone who is a part time learner or working full time can take advantage of web based training. Web based training promotes active and independent activities

Mr. Zulfiqar Gul Shaikh

Network & System Engineer(Incharge System Admin)


Mr. Amad Ullah Hisbani

Network Manager

Mr. Safdar Hussain

Web Developer

Mr. Ahsan Ali Chohan


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