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Activities FY 2019-2020

Trainings/ workshops / seminars arranged on research, entrepreneurship, commercialization and innovation etc.

» Entrepreneurship In 21 Century.

» Capacity Building Workshop.

» One Day workshop on investing in Pakistan Stock Exchange.

» SMEDA workshop.

» One day workshop on Research Methods.

» Faculty Development Program.

» Seminar on Mother language.

» Workshop on Research, Innovation and Quality Education.

» Seminar on role of women in society.

» Workshop on how to get higher education in USA.

» World Language Day.

» One Day Seminar “Shah Latif and Sachal Sarmast”.

» One day interactive Seminar on Scientific Research Communications.

» Capacity Building program.

» Professional Capacity Building Program.

» One day interactive Seminar on Scientific Research Communications at Sanghar Campus.

» Entrepreneurship Start-up SME.

» Entrepreneurship Start-up SME at Naushahro Feroze Campus.

» Seminar on role of education.

» 1st International Conference.

Participation of students in training workshops / seminars on entrepreneurship, commercialization innovation etc. arranged by other institutions / HEIs:

» Human Resource Management (HRM). 12-Mar-2020

» Tax Management & E-Filling for SME. 08-Mar-2020

» One day interactive Seminar on Scientific Research Communications. 15-Jan-2020

» Techno Mind. 22-Aug-2019

» 1st International Conference on Multidisciplinary Innovation & Research Challenges In Social Sciences. 10-Oct-2019 & 11-Oct-2019

» DAWN Expo. 11-Jul

» SMIU EXPO. Oct-2019

» KTN Workshop. Oct-2019

Events attended by Students/Faculty:

» Workshop - One day workshop on Entrepreneurship is viable career . 15-Jan-20

» Conference - International Conference. 18-Jan-2020 & 19-Jan-2020

» Training - Human Resource Management (HRM). 12-Mar-2020

» Training - Import/Export Documentation and Procedure. 10-Mar-2020

» Training - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre. 10-Dec-2019

Training workshops / seminars attended by ORIC personnel:

» One day interactive Seminar on Scientific Research Communications.

» One day workshop on Entrepreneurship is viable career .

» One Day Workshop at Engro Dairy Farm Chondko.

» HEC-CDLP USAID Two Days Workshop at Karachi IBA.

» Human Resource Management (HRM).

» Tax Management & E-Filling for SME.

» Import/Export Documentation and Procedure.

» Capacity Building program.


University has incorporated Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Commercialization as optional course in syllabus of graduate / postgraduate programs:

» Undergraduate / Postgraduate.

» Undergraduate.

» Undergraduate at Sanghar Campus.

» Undergraduate at Naushahro Feroze Campus.

Revenue generated from Trainings / Workshops / Seminars arranged by ORIC:

» Entrepreneurship Start-up SME At Main campus.

» Entrepreneurship Start-up SME At Naushahro Feroze campus SBBU-SBA.

» One day Interactive Seminar on Scientific Research Communications at Naushahro Feroze Campus SBBU-SBA.

» One day Interactive Seminar on Scientific Research Communications Sanghar Campus SBBU-SBA.

Development of Research/ Intellectual Property/ Innovation Policy of the Institution
Research Policy


» As per the need of the time of outbreak and vision of Vice Chancellor, ORIC department with IT Center have created new Coronavirus Updates page on our official website. This will cover almost all areas of university and to share all kind of information with Academia, Administration, Students and General Public.

» Online classes commencement has been taken in action by SBBU faculty and students. Therefore, we seamlessly can get and avail this opportunity given by COVID-19 erratically. As per policy and guidelines time to time given by HEC, Sindh and federal government for further compliance and perusal to save our youth education, at our maximum.

» FM 96.6 Radio station of SBBU-SBA is continuously being utilized for on-air transmission during this outbreak of 2019-nCoV (novel CoronaVirus 2019); We also do our live as well as recorded programs such as Awareness, Education activities, provincial and federal government messages etc.

» A team of 45+ volunteers consisting of Faculty, Staff and Students from SBBU-SBA was handed over to Commissioner Shaheed Benazirabod for public services.

» SBBU has initiated Awareness campaign/programs to educate the public about the unknowns of COVID-19 (2019 nCoV), and minimize its impacts, as much as we can with support of university personnel’s and students.

» University scholars under the vision of Vice Chancellor have made HAND SANITIZERS to fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, and to fulfill the demands of public; not only this but donated to local government of Nawabshah, Shaheed Benazirabad (SBA).

» University is continuously striving and chasing this epidemic situation, keeping this SBBU decided to install tanks (Tankies) with hand washer to let our local people know about the importance of cleanliness/hygiene is all about.

» Our Faculty/Non faculty with students also gave awareness to our people that what if scarcity of water and soap or hand washer then the Hand Sanitizer is the solution of this problem to survive.

» SBBU personnel’s with students also played their role to distribute the Ration to needy people for which this university has been established in Nawabshah (SBA) to fulfill the demands of this division.

» New ‘Coronavirus Updates’ Page on Our Official Website for All Staff and Students. -
View Details || Click Here for View Coronavirus Updates.

» ORIC-SBBU Visit Engro Diary Farm with SBCCI - Jan 2020.

» One day Interactive Seminar “Scientific Research Communications” - Jan 2020.

» ORIC_SBBU Participation at One day Seminar on Entrepreneurship Is Viable at QUEST-SMEDA – Jan 2020.

» Business Expo 23 October 2019.

» International Conference on Multidisciplinary Innovation & Research Challenges in Social Science Dated 10th October 2019.

» SBBU- YES CLUB Dated 17-08-2019.

Activities 1 July 2018 to 30th June 2019

» Entrepreneurial Scientist: How to serve Science and Society for Socioeconomic Development Dated 18-10-2018.

» University-Industry Consortium on Promotion of Innovation led regional Trade of Sindh Dated 11-10-2018.

» The Impact of Corporate Taxes on Financial System and Economy Dated 26-04-2019.

» Introduction to SPSS for Numerical data & linguistics Dated 18-06-2019.

» Seminars was arranged on Language ideology & construction of discourse Dated 25-06-2019.

» “China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC): A Dream of Socio-economic Development of Pakistan” Dated 13-02-2019.

» Researching self and Identity Dated 23-04-2019.

» Use of Vocabulary and its Meaning Dated 2019.

» Capacity Enhancement Boot camp Dated 12-04-2019.

» IT EXPO Dated 07-11-2018.

» Tech Preneur Event 2019.

» 50 episode of “ Friday Evening with Javed Jabbar” after completion of the fifty programs on “ Hot FM Sachal 105” Dated 18-08-2018.

» (Investing in PSX (Pakistan Stock Exchange) Dated 06-05-2019.

» One Day Seminar on Project Management (PM)” Dated 24-04-2019.

» International day Dated 22-05-2019.

» Poster Designing Dated 07-11-2018.

» On spot selfie Dated 07-11-2018.

» Counter Strike 1.6 Dated 07-11-2018.

» Story Competition Dated 07-11-2018.

» Essay writing Dated 07-11-2018.

» Game Playing Competition Dated 07-11-2018.

» Video Editng Dated 07-11-2018.

» Proposal Designing Dated 07-11-2018.

» Software exhibition Dated 07-11-2018.

» Speech Programming JAVA Dated 07-11-2018.

» Web Designing Dated 07-11-2018.

» Speech Programming C/C++ Dated 07-11-2018.

» MOU between SBCCI and SBBU,SBA Dated 18-10-2018.

» MOU Between SBU,SBA and RCP Dated 01-08-2018.